About Us

Alexander Chamandy head shotAlex Chamandy is the self-proclaimed chief geek behind Envescent, LLC.  He once owned an actual Neo Geo home system, placing him in an elite category with only ten other human beings on the planet that would pay that much for video games.  Cutting his teeth by repeatedly breaking and then fixing his Commodore 64/128 computer, Alex has learned to put this philosophy in to practice in his everyday life, “if it isn’t broken, then break it so you can figure out how to fix it.”  That’s the hope, at least.




Joe's HeadshotJoe Teed has somehow managed to run several successful virtualization and infrastructure projects and managed a network or two in his day.  He even managed to convince the government to trust his with some of their precious IT things.  Joe firmly believes the best way to test network latency is with a Doom or Quake deathmatch, but unfortunately nobody ever lets him put this idea into practice in their professional environments.